Alira Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tribun, Concordia Quadruple Pack Bundle Deal (750ml x 4) (Romania) (Free Shipping)

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Size: 750 ml
What’s included: Alira Merlot (1 bottle), Alira Cabernet Sauvignon (1 bottle), Alira Tribun (1 bottle), Alira Concordia (1 bottle)

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Arte seller’s notes:
Among the four Alira wines tasted at the Alira wine tasting event on 17 July 2020 at Arte Wine Shop, the Alira Cabernet Sauvignon stands up to be the most popular by quantity ordered, followed by Alira Merlot, Alira Tribun and Alira Concordia. Each Alira wine has it’s own nice characteristics and really up to individual preference. The Alira Cabernet Sauvignon’s full body is great with red meats, and is also my personal choice for pairing with Sioh Bak (roasted pork). Alira Merlot is medium body and feedback from customer it has very nice aroma. Alira Tribun’s medium to full body and a little sweet feel may be suitable for group’s gathering, and adventurous wine enthusiasts may try Alira Concordia (medium body) for its strong and nice flavour, and something different due to its unique Fetească Neagră, Cabernet Sauvignon grapes blends. All four Alira wines are smooth with balanced tannins.

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