Chateau Canon 2013, 1er Grand Cru Classe, Saint Emilion


Alcohol: 13%
Size: 750ml

Grape Variety:

65 % Merlot, 35 % Cabernet Franc

The 2013 vintage is a subtle wine with finesse and elegance. It shows characteristic citric freshness along with pomegranate and red currant aromas. The crunchy structure of the tannins, mingled with meringue and notes of creme brulee, present us with a vintage which is already very delicious and tasty.

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Chateau Canon

As you look out from the village of Saint Emilion, you will see a landscape unlike any other – parcels of vines on dark green hillsides surrounding Château Canon. The Merlot and Cabernet Franc vines, whose grapes go into the château’s wine blend, flourish here on this limestone plateau with slopes which glide gently down to the Dordogne River.
Here you can feel the presence and tranquility of time, like nowhere else on earth. Protected by high stone walls, the hillside vineyards produce wines of great depth and elegance. At Château Canon, history seems to be immutable, like the geological strata which lie below. And yet…

The Canon Character

The property is “discovered”, rather than spotted, from behind a labyrinth of walls and a maze of roads that wind over the Saint-Emilion plateau. Looking out from the village, whose buttresses can be admired from the château’s salon and courtyard … the silhouette of the château appears frozen in time. The soft light is reflected on the white stone facade, suggesting that life here is gentle and refined.

Château Canon was gradually brought into the 21st century after its acquisition in 1996 by the CHANEL Company. It took twenty years to restructure the vineyards, reinforce the underground galleries and return this 1er Grand Cru Classé to its former glory. Today, the property has reclaimed its original luster.

Château Canon still retains that fine play between that which is displayed and that which is hidden, an intrinsic harmony between the prettiness of the château’s facade and the perfect structure behind it. With its hidden doors and secret corridors, there is plenty to feed the imagination. Take, for example, the cleverly concealed door in the library, leading directly down to the barrel cellar, or the inconspicuous staircase descending to the bottle cellar, where the old vintages lie slumbering.

When architect, Peter Marino, restored the property in 2015, he respected its history, its furnishings and its veneer of time. Within the new interior design, precious woods, crystal and natural stone rub shoulders with eclectic, silk-covered furnishings in a shimmering array of rich colours. An 18th century atmosphere still pervades this
Romanesque dwelling.

Château Canon is a family home, with a sweeping staircase and a charming library. This is no ordinary château, far from it. It is a living home which has been handed down through the generations, with an art book left casually on the coffee table, a bustling kitchen, and various rooms, all different one from the other.

In winter, a fire can be heard crackling in the living room hearth. In summer, picnics are enjoyed by the pond in the cottage garden, under the shade of the Holm Oaks.

AGEING: 18 months with 70% new barrels



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