Domaines Schlumberger Les Princes Abbes Pinot Blanc 2019

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Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 12.5%

Grape Variety

100% Pinot Blanc

Tasting Notes

The robe is lemon yellow with light green reflections of good intensity. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent. Perceive a dominant of fruity scents, apple, citrus fruits (lemon) and a slight floral hint of white flowers. The onset in the mouth is moderately ample, fleshy with a full-bodied alcohol support. The wine evolves on a medium of marked vivacity, with a sparkling note. The structure of this wine shows complexity and aromatic precision. The tasty balance comes from a slight but noble bitterness, with a very good structure.

Food Pairing

It can be associated with blue ling fish with vegetables and cider, a garden fresh salad, a baked egg in brioche with peas of fresh cheese such as a goat Brocciu…Serve at12°C.

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The family of Schlumberger comes from Souabe, a German region today a part of Bade Wurtemberg.
Claus Schlumberger was the first to settle in Guebwiller in the XVI century under the period of the monks “The Princes Abbés”.

As he couldn’t bare the domination of the monks, he moved to Mulhouse, a free and protestant town.
At his death, several Schlumberger family members came from Souabe to settle in Mulhouse. Like Claus himself most of them were tanners.

Several generations followed one another and in the XVII Century Schlumberger was one of the biggest families in Mulhouse.


  • We are estate winegrowers who exclusively harvest and produce our own wines. We do not buy any grapes nor juice or wine (Alsatians winegrowers represents only 22% of the regional production).
  • A family vineyard established since 1810, nowadays, Thomas and Severine Schlumberger represent the 7th Generation in charge of the family estate.
  • This vineyard is unique in Alsace : 130 hectares with 70 hectares classified as Grands Crus composed of 4 “terroirs” : Kitterlé, Kessler, Saering, Spiegel.

Pinot Blanc History

Even though the Pinot Blanc is very old (already known in the 16th century), it achieved its present reputation only during the last few years. This grape variety is not originating from the Bourgogne(Burgundy) region but comes from Northern Italy. It was first introduced by the Anglo-Saxons. The French then also discovered it gradually and they began to appreciate this wine for its qualities of freshness, suppleness and its food-friendliness.


Our Pinot Blanc is located essentially in the vines of Saering & Spiegelas well as the localities of Bux and Bollenberg.


Pneumatic pressing, static racking. Fermentation in thermo-regulated tuns for one to four months. Maturing for seven months on fine lees.

Appellation: AOC Alsace



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