Freixenet Susana Sempre Roble 2015


Grape Varieties:

Manto Negro, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Tasting Notes:

The red wine Susana Sempre Roble comes from the heart of Mallorca. The strong taste of the sun-kissed grapes is clearly noticeable. On the nose it is presented with a high intensity, where the notes of red and black fruits appear together with the oak. Smoked and toasted notes. Its smell is dominated by ripe, black fruits such as black cherries and sweet plums with a slight hint of coffee and vanilla, which is caused by the aging in oak barrels. The palate is well structured, expressive and velvety with a medium acidity. The finish is long and pleasant with a persistent aftertaste.

Food Pairing

Recommended with cuts of red meat or game and mature cheeses.


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