Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: How do I make takeaway/ delivery order?
A1: Order can be made by whatsapp (text):  012-6386496. Besides that, GrabFood is also available for ordering for those who stays within about 8-9km from Arte. Please note that GrabFood rider only delivers as per the GrabFood available menu  items which exclude wines and frozen food.

Q2: How long ahead should I make my food order for it to be delivered?
Q2: For in-house cooked food and wines, we need at least 2 hours advanced preorder.

Q3: Where do you deliver the food to?
A4: We deliver the cooked food and wines to Penang Island only. For frozen food, please kindly contact us if the delivery is possible outside Penang Island.

Q4: What is your daily delivery time?
A3: For cooked food and wines our daily delivery (except Monday) for Penang Island only starts from 12:00pm to 7:00pm. For certain items such as frozen meat or seafood, we will contact you to arrange a delivery. 

LocationCategoryAdvanced OrderDelivery Date
Penang IslandCooked Food2 hours, last order by 6.30pm2 hours, Tue-Sun
Penang IslandFrozen, Wine4 hours<=4 hours, Tue-Sun
Penang IslandWhole Cakes72 hoursTue – Sun
Sungai PetaniFrozen, Wine2 daysMonday, Friday
Bukit MertajamFrozen 2 daysMonday
Bukit MertajamWhole Cakes3 daysMonday

Q5: What is the delivery fee for my orders?
A5: (18 May 2020) The delivery charge will be auto calculated upon cart checkout after customer keys in postcode and city for the shipping address.

The delivery order made through e-hailing such as GrabFood will be charged accordingly by the respective company.

Below is table of delivery fee ( For reference only, subject to change. The actual delivery calculated online upon checkout will be actual) For Bukit Mertajam , please kindly contact us for the delivery fee.

AreaDelivery PostcodeOrder AmountDelivery Fee
Penang IslandSelf Pick-upAny AmountFree
Penang Island10000…10990, 11300, 11400, 11409, 11500, 11200, 11600…11609, 11700Any AmountFree
Penang Island11100, 11900, 11960, 11910, 11920, 11950, 11060< RM80RM10
>= RM80Free
Penang Island11000, 11010, 11020, 11050< RM180RM15
>= RM180Free
Sungai Petani08000< RM80RM5
Sungai Petani08000>= RM80Free

Q6:Who delivers the food?
A6: The order made directly to Arte will be delivered by our Arte team directly. The order made by GrabFood will be delivered by GrabFood rider.

Q7: How do I make payment for the food delivery I order directly through Arte?
A7: We now accept credit card (via Pay Pal), Online banking / FPX (via e-GHL payment gateway), Boost and Touch N Go E-wallets directly upon shopping cart checkout.
We also accept payment by online bank transfer (Instant Transfer only) for customized items and WhatsApp Text ordering:
-Bank Name: CIMB Bank
-Account Number: 8008101136

Q8: How do I contact Arte Customer Support?
A8: Please contact us via whatsapp (text):  012-6386496 or 04-2519718 should you need any support.

Q8: Can I make a special request?
A9: Yes. as long as it is possible we will always try our best.

Q9: Why are the prices of your products different from what I have seen before?
A9: The prices are subject to change from time to time due to price correction, suppliers or supplies changes, and market fluctuations, etc.  

Q10: What are the meaning of (P)(S)(N)(SP)(V)(A) in menu item names?
A10: (P) = Contain Pork, (S) = Signature, (N) = Contain Nuts, (SP) = Spicy, (V) = Vegetarian, (A) = Contain Alcohol