Wonderful First “Zoom” Tasting with New Romanian Wine ALIRA

Arte Malaysia hosted its first ever Zoom wine tasting with Alira Wine from Romania . The speaker was Mr Marc Dworkin, Winemaker of Alira. The Covid 19 has opened up new opportunities for winemakers to interact with wine lovers in a more cost effective and convenient way.

Many thanks to our wine lovers who attended the event and supported the Alira wines. It’s a successful event with great wines.

Featuring Alira wines:

  1. Alira Tribun
  2. Alira Merlot
  3. Alira Cabernet Sauvignon
  4. Alira Concordia
Zoom was displayed on the 10′ x 7′ LED screen
From left: Alira Merlot, Alira Tribun, Alira Cabernet Sauvignon and Alira Concordia.
Canon 5d Mk4 was used as a webcam by USB connection to laptop thanks to Canon’s newly webcam utility software released during the covid 19 pandemic in April. This allows clear picture manual control of the ISO, aperture and shutter speed etc. subject tracking was turned on.
Alira Wines Tasting Notes courtesy of Asia Euro
2020-07-17 Zoom Tasting with Alira Wines

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