Throwback Wine Tasting Event with Príncipe de Viana Lorena Viale – Clunia, Rioja Vega

I attended Bodegas Príncipe de Viana wine tasting event with Lorena Viale in Nov 2022 at Nam Lee Cheong Kuala Lumpur. Príncipe de Viana, the winemaker in Spain, has a few brands range under its group: Príncipe de Viana, Rioja Vega, Albret, and Clunia.

Rioja Vega Wine

Rioja Vega Gran Reserva 2015

One of the great wines at the event is Rioja Vega Gran Reserva 2015 (Grapes: Tempranillo, Graciano, Mazuelo) is medium-to-dark ruby colour with purple tinge. 3 years in American oak barrels, followed by at least two years ageing in the bottle.

Clunia Wines

The main focus of the afternoon was about the introduction of High-altitude vineyard Clunia wines located in Castilla y León region, Spain.

Welcome speech by Nam Lee Cheong boss.
From left: Finca El Rincon De Clunia 2018, Clunia Syrah 2016, Clunia Tempranillo 2016

Clunia vineyards are located at 1000 meters above sea level. It has about 70 hectares vineyards but only about 32 hectares are planted.

“At such a high altitude, surrounded by mountains that send their winds over the plateau, the vines at Clunia strive to survive the unrelenting weather, the harsh summers and extreme winters, and the considerable temperature contrast between day and night. Deeply rooted in sandy and clayey limestone soils with a good drainage –also limestone rocks depending on the vineyard, the vines must endure severe frosts, icy winds and scorching heat and search for their support deep in the soils.

When Fall finally arrives and the end of the ripening period with it, the grapes reflect the effort of the vineyard, giving full-bodied, fresh, elegant, structured wines with a great aromatic concentration and ripe tannins. “

Bodegas Clunia

Among the top of Clunia wine range is Finca El Rincon De Clunia 2018. 2 hectares Singular vinyard, with extreme weather conditions of very cold and long winters, and hot summer. Rain is very limited. Only 4,583 bottles were produced. Finishing is strong, smooth tannins, good acidity.

Photo: Vincent Tai with Lorena Viale of Príncipe de Viana
Photo with winelovers

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